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Jisto enables enterprises to derive maximum value from their computing resources

Jisto Features

Server Agnostic

Works on physical servers, virtual machine hypervisors, and any cloud environment

Flexible Deployment

Jisto-adapted containers automatically make Linux applications flexible and portable


Minimal resource overhead—easy to install

Pure-Software Solution

Extends existing hardware investment

Simple Rollout Process

Automated rollout, discovery, monitoring, and analytics

Flexible and Compatible

Integration with existing task schedulers with no impact on incumbent applications

Transparent Agile Operations

Elastically yields resources to incumbent applications in real time


No impact to corporate firewalls and application security policy

One-Glance Dashboards

Easy-to-use resource utilization dashboards

In the News

Survey of 200 CIOs revealed that they are "only using about half of the cloud capacity they've bought and paid for." 90% of the surveyed CIOs see over-provisioning as a "necessary evil in order to protect performance and ensure you can handle sudden spikes in demand." Furthermore, 88% of these CIOs admitted they "sacrificed some performance at peak times in order to control costs."

Cloud customers are still paying for twice as much as they need, September 5, 2014, by Jack Schofield for Jack's Blog at ZDNet.

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