Jisto Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
More of your applications intelligently deployed onto underutilized server resources in your data center or cloud service Increase (typically 2–3× or more) your compute density and server utilization, forestalling future infrastructure expansion and running many more applications without any additional investments
Lower-priority applications are automatically slowed, paused or gracefully stopped when higher-priority applications need the resources No performance impact on higher-priority applications
Adapted Jisto containers allow your existing applications to run on any server without any code modifications or additional development Allows easy migration to a containerized and elastic production environment
Jisto-adapted applications allow for automated, dynamic, reactive, and constantly-adjusting resource allocation Application resource allocation is automatically and constantly optimized
Jisto-adapted applications can be mixed with non-Jisto applications Flexible and gradual deployment, without disturbing existing infrastructure
Jisto tracks real-time resource utilization parameters for deployment intelligence Real-time resource utilization insight into your infrastructure
Jisto orchestration has a flexible scope, managing and deploying some or all of your applications Easy to begin gaining access to your infrastructure's stranded capacity without wholesale infrastructure changes or added risk

Jisto Uses Docker